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Canada JKA Federation

We are a national organization dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan Karate according to the standards and principles of the Japan Karate Association.

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Ottawa JKA

Sensei Minoru Saeki, Welcome to the Ottawa Japan Karate Association! The Ottawa JKA, a non-profit organization, has been in operation in the Ottawa area for over 25 years

Rockwood Karate Club

Sensei Donna HasketWe are a Japan Karate Association Dojo, with membership in the CJKF (Canadian Japan Karate Federation-Japan Karate Association), Karate Ontario and the WTKO (World Traditional Karate Organization. Our Dojo studies the principles of Master Funakoshi’s Shotokan Karate style, techniques and philosophies.

World Class Karate

The Japan Karate Association of Mississauga

Shotokan Karate is one of the oldest forms of Karate originating in the perfect blend of mind, body and spirit

 Scarborough JKA

At The Scarborough JKA we teach a traditional form of karate called Shotokan. This style originated in Okinawa and was introduced to Japan in the early part of the twentieth century

Legacy Shorin Ryu London

Legacy Shorin Ryu is a classical Okinawan Karate school. Shorin Ryu is based on the style founded by Sokon Matsumura in the village of Shuri, Okinawa. As such, Shorin Ryu is closely related to Shuri-te Karate. London..

Continuing the JKA Karate Tradition in Toronto

Toronto JKA Karate

TNT School Of Martial Arts

in Alliston

Traditional Japanese Karate

 Brad Jones Karate-do New Market


 Markhan JKA

The Markham JKA looks forward to helping you develop, both mentally and physically, through training in traditionalShotokan Karate.

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