Continuing the JKA Karate Tradition in Toronto

Toronto JKA Karate

By Eleanor Duthie (Stonehenge Landscapes)

  My son began karate in 2002 when we moved in around the corner from Sensei Wilfred’s Dojo.  At the time we thought it would be a great way to for him to learn self defense and boost his confidence.   My son loved it and was soon going 4-5 days a week. His 3 sisters followed , as they got old enough started one after another. And I ,  who had sat an watched on the sidelines for years   started along side my youngest daughter when she was ready.   Presently three of my kids are brown belts and my youngest and I have achieved purple belts together. 

         So what is Karate all about?     Check your ego at the door this is about all the right stuff.   Whether you training lightly for exercise or seriously for competition.    Karate is about so much more than self defense.    It is a great family activity.     There is no judgement .   Any age, any skill level is welcome to work along side each other and together.    Its a great all round work out, muscle development, co-ordination, control , balance and self discipline.  Its about learning about your body and its power, reflexes, breathing, stretching, relaxing,  Community, helping and encouraging each other.   The kids benefit mentally and athletically.  And for me  there's nothing like it after a long hard day at the office to clear your mind and let go of stress.      The people at the dojo have become friends and Sensei Wilfred is a wonderful mentor, friend and supporter of the community.

 Training  is 3 parts.  Katas (a sequence of movements) that are perfected with practice. My children have learned so much with "Katas". performing, practicing.   Creates a real sense of achievement.    Practicing "techniques" builds power, strength and speed.     And finally "kumite" (fighting),  thinking on your feet, putting to work your training, reactions, and of course the thrill of competition, testing pushing yourself.  I have to say When i joined karate I never thought i would participate in kumite but i have found that  I really enjoy it.

The beautiful thing about karate is...it is what it is and has been for hundreds of years. But anyone can join. There is no judgemenet whether you are just learning or a black belt with years of experience.  Everyone is there to learn everytime.  I am so glad Karate is in our lives.  We benefit personally and  as a family in and out of the Dojo.

I’ve been training with Sensei Wilfred for nearly a decade. He has worked with me since my first day as a white belt and has helped me obtain my second degree black belt.

He is a wonderful teacher who is technically strong and leads by example both in and out of the dojo. He takes care of all his students and adapts his teaching style to each one, which I witnessed first hand during my pre- and post- pregnancy training.  I look forward to continue training with Sensei Wilfred and to introduce my new son to his classes in the future.



By Nancy Kwun (Accountant)

I joined the dojo to support my son.  It soon became apparent to me, the this was a great place to be, and I have remained there now for 8 years. 

After a hard day at work, it is sometimes easier to stay home, but it is ALWAYS more enjoyable and energizing to come to class.  The classes are creative, challenging and fun.

The socializing is wonderful, and it is easy to find supportive, long-standing friendships among the group.  What are you waiting for?  Try it!

By Barry Espin (Property Manager)

By Christine VanDeursen

Hi Sensei!


I can't thank you enough for your patience and dedication in making sure that Nicholas has some successes and enjoys karate.  He very much enjoys his time with you and although he can be a challenge in the bigger class, the social aspect is important given his difficulties.    


Thank you again

Christine VanDeursen